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Corruption Vs India or Judiciary Vs India

19 Jun

There has been a lot of hoopla,recently, about corruption. CWG and 2G Scams have shaken the country. Some say it’s imminent that people like Anna Hazare(AH) and Baba Ramdev(BR) took to the streets.I do not support such actions, but I have tried to analyze them in this post.This heroic ‘Fast Movement’ poses a dilemma to me and raises the following questions in my mind:

  • If these people have to take to streets to get things done than do the elected leaders have the moral authority to represent the country any more?
  • Shouldn’t people be allowed to protest peacefully in a democracy?
  • Do these leaders(AH and BR) have the right to lead such movements? Because there is a distinct possibility that the public unrest resulting from such movements can paralyze democracy in the country.
  • Is corruption the cause or a symptom in this case?
  • Is corruption so rampant because the wicked do not fear the law?
  • Is our judiciary in a good enough shape to keep up with the problems of our country in today’s times?

Questions raise more questions.I hope that time will answer these for good(of the country).

But right now the score is Corruption(1):India(0)

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