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The clash of corruption and Idealism in daily life

1 Nov

I felt jolted today.

I received an important letter today, my passport. The person who delivered it didn’t ask for anything. This was the second time he came to deliver it. I was at work yesterday, so he informed my neighbor about it. I had kept Rs.50 in my pocket ready to reward him. But he never asked. The “Ayn Rand” thought process in me dominated for those few moments and I gave him nothing. Now I am feeling guilty because I did not pay bribe/”baksheesh” to him.

Being the stupid little deep thinker I am , I spent some hours of my day wondering and contemplating about this incident.

  • Is it right to reward him for doing his duty? Will it be counted as a bribe?
  • Why did I not reward him for taking extra pain to help me?
  • Does this guilt mean I am a part of the corrupt culture that we abhor so much?
  • Is he not better than certain people who asked me for bribe while going through the passport process?
  • Will my lack of reinforcement cause him to stop behaving this way towards others?
  • Is it realistic to expect people to perform their duties without any possibility of additional incentives?
  • Do holidays make me contemplate too much?

Well, being the thoughtful idiot that I am this thought has completely dominated my mind today.

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